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We are a highly respectable marquee hire company. At AMG Marquees we have been established for many years, so we consider ourselves professionals as we can provide our clients with an excellent and high level of service. We have prestigious clients that we have worked with such as Sandringham Estate, The Royal Norfolk Showground, St John's College Cambridge and The National Trust.

At AMG Marquees we have a highly trained and reliable core team that we retain throughout the year. They are trustworthy and can work efficiently as a team to ensure your marquee has been built to a safe and high standard.

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We are based in Cambridgeshire, and we cover a large area of the UK, offering marquee hire in St Albans and Harlow and further afield. These two areas have a very large population meaning we have many happy local clients here that use our marquee services.

We can offer our clients 3 different types of marquees ranging from the traditional marquees, frame marquees and tensioned marquees. We can also provide the furniture, flooring, lighting, heating, windowed marquees, linings, doors and other essential accessories making your marquee personalized to suit the effect you are trying to go for.

Please scroll down to learn more about the different types of marquees.

Looking for Marquees in St Albans or Harlow?

Our marquee services are offered around Harlow, St Albans and many other areas such as Leicester, Northampton, Norwich, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and many more around the UK. If you are interested in our marquee hire services then please get in touch with us today and one of our polite and helpful staff members will assist you. Please call us on 01223 882233 or you can fill out the contact form on the contact us page and we will get back to you shortly.

Also please do note that we can offer clients with a one day hire service as well as our normal long term marquee hire service, which can come with onsite attendance and 24/7 emergency contact number.

Marquee Structure Examples

Traditional Marquees

Traditional marquees

Our tall classic Traditional Marquees are erected with central king poles, (great for flower arrangements) guy ropes and beautiful bell ended linings. Normally erected on grass and gravel surfaces.

Frame Marquees

Frame marquees

Modern Frame Marquees (clear span) stand in their own footprint without the need for guy ropes and poles. They are supplied with or without bell-ended linings, have white or transparent roofs and white or window walling.

Tension Marquees

Tension marquees

Contemporary Tension Marquees offer an attractive peaked profile. Our 5m x 5m Chinese Top Hats can go on most surfaces in ones, twos or groups.

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